Arrange a Cheap Funeral in Melbourne

345345345435There is never really a convenient time or circumstance for a person to pass away. Especially when death is unexpected, it can place a great burden on the deceased’s family and dependents emotionally and financially. Funeral services can cost dearly when it is unplanned, especially in a city like Melbourne. So if you do want to cut down on these expenses, here are a few ways you can do so.

Choose cremation over a traditional burial

The reality is, having the body cremated as opposed to buried traditionally is a more cost effective. It comes down to the space and area required to keep cremated ashes in contrast to hosting the whole body. Also with cremation ashes, you have the option keeping in other affordable locations such as an above ground crypt, columbarium or inside the home. Alternatively, you may wish to have the ashes scattered in a sentimental place instead.

Have a volunteer officiator for the funeral ceremony

Funeral ceremonies are typically officiated by a celebrant; or for religious ceremonies, a pastor, priest or monk may be employed instead. Typically with pastors, priests or monks, they accept donations instead of charging a fee for their services – hence, working out to be a little cheaper than employing a celebrant. However, you can always ask a close friend or family member to officiate the ceremony instead. Just bear in mind that depending on the closeness of his or her relationship with the deceased, they may be grieving as well.

Keep it small and intimate

With some funeral customs, a wake or memorial is held before or after the funeral ceremony. These functions can also bring significant costs on the organising family and friends, depending on how many attendees they are hosting. This could be from catering costs to hiring a venue large enough to host the attendees. So if you are under a tight budget, you may want to have a small intimate ceremony and have a large wake, or you may wish to forfeit the wake altogether. Whatever you decide, just ensure you have people of importance to the deceased present for the ceremony where possible.

Funerals expenses are by no means cheap or affordable most of the time – particularly for unexpected deaths. But you need to be realistic about what your budget limitations are, or you could place yourself under even more unnecessary stress after the funeral service. Just be sure you find yourself a dependable local funeral director who understands your circumstances and will do what it takes to cater to your needs. So do not worry, with the help of an experienced funeral directory, you can create an affordable funeral service for you that is respectful to the deceased’s life, family and friends.

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