Before You Drive: Safety Signs For Your Trucks


For any truck driver, the best thing he or she could do to ensure the safety of fellow patrons is to get professional driving training. However, the nature of trucks is that they are often large, awkward and hazards without correct protocols in place. Particularly because of the low visibility of the rear-side from the driver’s seat, truck drivers need to provide sufficient warning for surrounding drivers travelling behind them.

So before you get into the driver’s seat of your truck, ensure that you check for the need of these signs and stickers in Victoria.

Rear of vehicle

These standard signs need to be placed at the rear of your truck. Trucks require them because of its larger frame. As mentioned earlier, drivers have limited vision of the area behind their trucks. Therefore, truck drivers rely heavily on the efforts of surrounding drivers and patrons to maintain a safe distance away – whether the truck is on the road or parked.

Do not overtake turning vehicle

You will need these vehicle signs if your truck is over 7.5 metres long. This is because longer vehicles have a larger turning radius than average cars. Trucks require more room to clear those tight turns around a curb. On Australian roads, this means trucks may need to veer a little to the adjacent lane before making their turns. Therefore, drivers of other vehicles that are directly, or in the adjacent lane, behind your truck will need to let you make the turn first.

Oversized vehicles

If your truck is in the light vehicle classification, they are considered oversized when they exceed 4.3 metres in height or 2.5 metres in width. For rigid vehicles, they are oversized if they are greater than 12.5 metres in length, while a combination vehicle over 19 metres in length is categorised as oversized as well.

The addition of “load ahead” on these signs indicates that your vehicle is carrying load that exceeds the above dimensions. It is an important detail for surrounding drivers if there are initial deceptions regarding the vehicle’s size.

Road Train

Road trains are made up of trucks carrying multiple trailers or cargo. Their road signs are stuck to the rear of the vehicle. This is because generally, your road trains need to travel slowly, as it would take only one simple mishap to derail the vehicle completely.

These examples are just some of the truck signs you will need on your trucks and industrial vehicles. It is important that you have these signs and stickers visibly attached to your industrial vehicles when required, no matter how skilled of a driver you are.

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