Heating and Cooling

When I got into the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry (or HVAC for short) I never actually expected to be as successful as I have been. I got into the industry as soon as I left school at the end of year twelve, which for many of my colleagues is pretty late. I was never a genius at school, I did okay in maths, but spending so much time sitting around having to listen to lectures on things I wasn’t interested in meant that I just simply got good grades in what I was interested in.

In the end, I knew academia and university was not going to be the place for me, but I was still determined to finish school with a certificate and the knowledge that I could apply myself to things that weren’t my favourite, and still do well. So when I got into my apprenticeship and I had to do things like crawl into tiny dirty spaces in people’s roofs, or deal with people who were furious that their units had broken down on a hot day, I knew that I would get through it.

I ploughed through every day; eventually gaining the experience and the capital to leave the company I had been with for more than a decade and start my own business, build my own company from scratch. Every day was a hard run, some more than others, but I created my company, with employees of my own.

As difficult as my job sometimes is, it is days like today where I am proud of what I have achieved. You see, a week or so ago, someone from the Victorian government called me up and said that they wanted to offer my company a government contract to fit out courts, government offices and public places in Melbourne. To use their words, they wanted me to be the company responsible for heating and cooling Melbourne.

It will be the biggest contract my company will have ever been awarded. It will probably be the biggest contract my company will ever be given. To some people I know my job seems easy, and I know there will always be people who look down on tradies, but I have been an ambitious person all my life. I always knew that whatever I decided to do with my life, I would make sure I was successful at it. I never wanted to be rich, I just wanted to help people, and hopefully be able to retire before I’m 70. I think so far I’m pretty on track.

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