Selling Business

6445I really never thought I’d have to sell my business. I also really didn’t think I would want to sell my business. For years and years it was something I dreamt of, starting up my own digital agency, building it from the ground up. I never dreamt of selling it, or even retiring from working there. But like with many things, life takes over, wreaks a bit of havoc, and you have to do what’s best in the long run.

I started my business in 2001, and no one really believed it could succeed that far. Sure, there had been the tech bubble since the nineties, but it looked like it was slowing down for a bit at least. Google had just started in 1998, and no one could imagine how it would succeed, the same even with the iPhone in 2007, but we were there, helping people with their own businesses, their computers, and people still figuring out how to navigate the Internet. And it’s truly amazing to see how far we’ve come these days.

Nowadays, my company makes apps, and websites, helps our clients advertise effectively online, specializes in marketing, as well as continues to help people figure out using the newest and best technology every step of the way. But I’m getting old, well, older, and I know that pretty soon I’m not going to be able to run the company anymore. So it’s time to start thinking about selling it, as much as that is going to hurt.

The strangest part isn’t even leaving now, it’s that I had to look into business valuations Melbourne in order to sell the business to her and have it all be above board. So there I was, looking up people that do business valuation in Melbourne, and I have never felt so out of my depth. For all my business experience, when it comes to getting rid of one I am apparently very inexperienced. I do think that’s a good thing in a way, if anything it definitely shows that I care about the business.

I’m lucky though, the woman I am selling to, I hired five years ago, and she is incredibly talented, and I know she will take this business to even higher standards of practice. We will continue to succeed for years and years even after I have gone because we are a business that values innovation and evolution, and honesty, loyalty and hard work.

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